Steph & Gord’s Engagement Session

Every engagement shoot is different. We love that…. When we first meet a couple to talk about their wedding, we very quickly get a feel for the type of people they are, what they’re into and how we’ll capture their relationship… For some couples, that means latte’s and shopping in Yorkville, for others it’s hanging out in the grungy back alleys of Toronto.

From the moment we sat down with Stephanie and Gord, both fun-loving engineers, we could tell that they were going to be up for a a really adventurous shoot.


We met up at Starbucks on Spadina and after a relaxed latte started our shoot in what we call “Graffiti Alley”… a very cool lane running between Richmond and Queen, to the west of Spadina. We’ve become fond of this alley way over the years, using it many time for not only engagement shoots, but also wedding days.


Both Charlotte and I love the vibrancy of this particular graffiti because it’s contantly being updated with new artwork. How cool is this shot of Charlotte’s? I’m loving this angle way more than the one I got (grrrr! haha).


Grrrrroooowwww. Looking good guys! You guys should be on Canada’s Next Top Model!


A bit further down the road, just off Bathurst St, we found another really cool location and decided to shoot some quirky shots of Steph and Gord chasing one another… I’m sure you’ll agree that this type of shot can only be carried off by a couple willing to have a good laugh at themselves! Good on you guys – you’re awesome.


Charlotte really wanted to incorporate the CN tower into some shots… I mean, nothing says “Toronto” like that right?! I love this shot she grabbed in the reflection of a puddle… so cool. And check out this macro photo of Steph’s hair blowing… Awesome right! I really do love to brag about what an amazing photographer Charlotte is! Haha. She’s always challenging me to look at things in new ways.


Okay, so this next shot is another very cool shot of Charlottes… Done with our tilt and shift lens. Sweeeet.


Now for a great shot of me justifying my recent tetnis injection! I know technically I shouldn’t lie on the ground in my Sevens, but the shot was SO worth it…. see below.




After getting some sweet urban shots, we decided to head down to nearer the lake and do some shooting under the Gardiner. We parked at Fort York and got some very cool shots in the grass (weeds??) there. Charlotte was shooting with the longer 70-200mm and I had the wide angle Tilt and Shift lens…. here’s one of hers….


…and a couple of mine…


It was about this time that the sunshine felt it had done it’s work for the day and knocked off. We looked up and saw some pretty gloomy clouds blowing in. We headed for cover, where Steph and Gord got a bit of cuddle time in :).



Toronto has so many amazing locations to photograph… right down the street from Liberty Grand, there’s this great park… with MASSIVE trees and lots of open space. As we drive by we often comment on how miniature the people look under the trees. It was nice to get a chance to capture that scale in this shot.


And then Charlotte created these amazing photos. Just Beautiful.



It was an awesome shoot and we couldn’t have enjoyed hanging out with Steph and Gord more! They’re such a cool couple. We can’t wait for their wedding in June.