A Destination Wedding and Little Lauren!

Some of you may remember the baby shoot we did with little baby Lauren a few months back. I was stoked because I actually won a photography award for one of the images from that shoot. She was only 8 weeks old then and she was so cute and adorable at that age! Dave and I were so honoured to photograph such an important time in Laurens life, it honestly feels like yesterday. It is so incredible how quickly kids grow up and time flies by so fast. I wonder if she actually got a chance to wear all of those cute baby clothes overflowing in her closet LOL! I have a feeling with all of her designer duds she’s going to grow up to be one well dressed fashionista!

best photo of the whole photo shoot

When Lauren’s mom Melissa was looking for wedding photographers to document their incredible destination wedding in St. Thomas we were stoked she called us first! We absolutely LOVE shooting destination weddings and it’s even better when you have such gorgeous subjects as Lauren and her mom and dad! St. Thomas is a gorgeous island on the Caribbean Sea and is a part of the Virgin Islands. It’s rich with beautiful architecture, history and not to mention gorgeous turquoise water with soft white sand beaches. We have soo many shoot ideas and we can’t wait to photograph such an amazing time in their lives!

lauren and her mum wandering through high park together

While we were chatting about Melissa & Sean’s exciting wedding plans, we popped on a slide show of some of our destination wedding work. Lauren was so cute, she started clapping her hands and dancing to the beat of the music 🙂 I don’t even think any of us saw the slide show, we were too busy bopping along with Lauren, she’s soo much fun to have around!

one of my favourite photos from the shoot

After the meeting Dave and I wanted to take little Lauren out for a quick 10 minute photo shoot in High Park. She looked cute as a button in her beanie and stockings, we had to get a few shots.

the cutest little chubby legs

Melissa taught Lauren how to make some funny faces so we had to take a few priceless pictures!

sticking her tongue out at mum!

"huh?" What's the mum?

It was so cute, Lauren does not like standing on any uneven ground so we put her by a tree for balance. We wanted to evoke a really true laugh and reaction out of her to show of her new toothy smile. Melissa told us she loooooves hearing the song “Low” by FloRida and it always makes her laugh LOL! Soo we all broke into our personal renditions of… Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur… the whole club was lookin’ at her… shorty got low, low, low… Haha, she LOVED it and clapped and boogied while we sang! I don’t know if there is such a thing as an Australian Rapper but I think Dave might have to consider a career change, hmmm nah… I think we’ll keep our day jobs!!! Lauren has such a happy disposition, she has got to be the best kid ever to photograph!

can't you just hear her giggling?

We had so much fun with these guys! We can’t wait to shoot Melissa & Sean’s wedding in gorgeous St. Thomas, I’m sure we’ll sneak in a baby shoot or two while we’re away !!

toronto kids photography

Seriously one of the cutest kids in the world

Here is the slide show we put together for Laurens mom & dad of the shots we took. We thought the song was perfect because when you tell little Lauren to smile, she crinkles her nose… too funny!