Yanyan & Clement’s Winter Wedding

We find  most of our clients through referrals from the happy couples we’ve photographed in the past. But every so often we’re sought out by couples from other countries around the world, even as far away as Hong Kong! When we started chatting to Yanyan & Clement about their Chinese wedding in Toronto we were so excited that they’d found us. Yanyan said that she and her family loved our work and they wanted to have us shoot their big day. We have to say that we were more than honoured.

After emails back and forth we weren’t sure where to do the engagement shoot. So when Yanyan asked us if we’d like to meet them in Hong Kong for their engagement session we were thrilled!! It all worked out well and we had an amazing time shooting with them, here’s the shot they choose for the big day!


After our WPPI convention Dave and I had ONE hectic schedule. We were moving into our new house the day after we arrived home from Vegas and with Yanyan & Clements wedding a week away we had to be organized and ready to shoot. It funny when you have less time to do something you always get it done faster. I guess being wedding photographers, we’ve learned to work well under pressure!! OK… Back to the wedding 🙂 We have shot weddings at The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg before so we knew what a beautiful venue we’d have to photograph. It’s such a classic and intimate setting. The grounds are so beautiful covered with the soft, fluffy snow and with the little white chapel, it looked like a fairly tale.



As Yanyan had the finishing touches on her hair and make up done, I photographed her dress, rings, flowers, details and her to-die-for Jimmy Choo’s. Dave hung back and grabbed shots of Yanyan and Clement getting ready.


Clement was ready to go and you could tell he was so excited to see his wife-to-be but had to be patient. When Yanyan was ready she made her way to the chapel with her parents by her side. Clement saw her for the first time and he was in awe. As she walked down the aisle her veil and gown were glowing and back lit, she looked heavenly. Clement had a tears of joy in his eyes at the sight of his bride to be. She was so beautiful and they both have such a sweet and kind spirit, these two were meant to be together.


We had a bit of time with the newlyweds before the speeches began. We tried some quirky and some romantic stuff with them. These guys are really great, they were so easy going an up for anything. We headed back to the reception room as the speeches began. Even though Dave and I didn’t understand the words said, the heart-felt emotions were powerful.  It was such a great wedding and we were so happy to be a part of their special day.








Congratulations Yanyan & Clement!!! We had a fabulous time shooting your wedding and we’re so glad we were lucky enough to meet you both. We hope you had an amazing time on your honeymoon in St. Lucia, you both derserve the best, enjoy this time together as newlyweds 🙂