Wicked Wedding Workshop Wrap-Up


Woo Hoo! Dave and I are so happy to announce that our wedding photography workshop at the Berkeley Church was a huge success!! We were so excited to have Johnny Tran fly in all the way from Calgary as our featured guest photographer. The class absolutely LOVED having him along and so did we! Johnny was honoured with DWF’s Wedding Photographer of the Year award and with his personality and ability he definitely deserves it. We had such an amazing class of photographers attending our workshop as well. Going through some of the participants images from the day, we were awe struck by the shots these guys were getting and all of the interesting angles and poses they were coming up with. It’s been a lot of fun for Dave and I to go through the images from the day, we’ll be posting the winners from our photography challenge soon, so stay tuned!



Our gorgeous models were a breeze to work with and looked fabulous in every shot. We had Eric and Angela along, we shot their wedding last year at the Manor in Kettleby.  Angela is a blogger and bakes healthy goodies. Her site “Oh She Glows” is very popular and attracts thousands of visitors every day!! She made Dave and I some healthy brownies and apple cake, it was sooo moist and delicious. It seemed utterly impossible that they were made with no oil or butter! MMM… healthy brownies…  They both did an awesome job and all of the participants mentioned how nice it was to work with a real married couple. We loved shooting them again, it took us back to that beautiful wedding day last summer when they vowed their love for one another. Ahhhhh… it seems like yesterday 🙂


We had such an overwhelming response last workshop with Vlada on board. She is a professional world class model and is always quick with a funny joke or a new pose! Dave and I had a real blast shooting her, she kept us laughing all day. She hales from Russia but you should hear her do her “Aussie Dave” impersonation… “Crikey!!” It’s spot on!

Alana was along for the day as well. She’s done a bit of runway but is new to modeling. It was nice having such beautiful subjects with different levels of experience along for the shoot.  It really made us exercise our abilities as photographers to get the reactions we wanted from all of our models.


The Berkeley Church was nothing short of a magical and ethereal location for photography. Endless corridors, hidden stairways and private rooms decorated with modern art and eclectic antiques. It’s no wonder so many movies are filmed there not to mention all of the rock stars that have graced the stage! We were so happy to use the Church for our workshop, it was a photographers dream!  Dave and I will be back to the Berkeley Church March 24th to photograph an event and cannot wait. We’re sure it’s even more beautiful lit up at night!


Here are a few of Dave’s favourite shots of the day. He amazes me every time, I love seeing the stuff he comes back with after a day of shooting 🙂 He did a wicked job teaching while he was shooting! Evoking true and honest reactions as well as endless laughter from our models! Johnny was also an amazing teacher, he was so informative and has such a cool and down to earth vibe about him. We’ll have his shots soon and post them on the blog when we do. Stay tuned for Johnny’s workshop dates and details as well.





These are a few of my own personal shots. I loved shooting the location and the gorgeous models.  They were so much fun to photograph and stayed so congenial and chipper through a long day of shooting. I also loved the effect of video light and used it for a few shots with the class. In the shot I took here of Alana against this red wicker wall, it really made for a moody dramatic effect. Like I said the Berkeley Church is just loaded with cool, funky locations to shoot. My sister Tricia was along to help us out with styling the models and lighting. She was such a super-amazing help all day so we’re hoping she’ll join us for the next workshop… pretty pleeeaassee.  I think her arm was getting a bit tired from holding the video light at a 45 degree angle so hopefully she’ll be up for another one lol! Thanks Tricia, you’re a trooper 🙂







Thanks so much to all of our totally rockin’ attendees and models. We had a blast with you and love your shots from the day. We’ll be posting the workshop winners shortly!

Along with our workshops, a great way to bring your photography to the next level is The i.c.e.Society – a 24/7 online classroom with multi-international award winning photographer Jerry Ghionis as your teacher! All participants in our March 15th photography workshop will receive a promo code for 20% off your subscription. Please contact us for your secret code 🙂


We’d also love to thank Pink Twig for supplying us with such gorgeous floral bouquets for our workshop. Pink Twig is an amazing little floral boutique in Toronto just a hop, skip and a jump from our studio. Their floral boutique creates some of the most beautiful and unique arrangements we’ve ever seen. We have had many of our couples use Pink Twig on their wedding day and they always provide the freshest, most vibrant flowers so we love photographing their stuff. We’re stoked to have Pink Twig along to provide our floral bouquets.


A big shout out to The Wedding Cake Shoppe for supplying us with two super scrumptious wedding cakes for our workshop. If you are one of our brides to be you should definitely check them out for your special day!