Happy Birthday Greta!!!


Some of you know our funny little micro-mini dachshund Greta from reading our blog. She’s a 4 lb. little pup with a big voice and even bigger heart!  Others may have met her in our studio or during our road trip last year. She sure loooves attention and from whoever is willing to give it to her 🙂

We have some exciting news!!! Greta just turned 1! Yeah, Yippie!!! Happy Birthday to our cute little baby!

We did a little shoot with her this week to celebrate, and we all had a lot of fun, as soon as we put the camera in front of her she thought it was a game and was hopping back and forth and rolling on her back.  It was difficult trying to get her to sit still for just a moment and Greta trying to resist doing so! We bought Greta a brand new bumble bee outfit for the big day from Metro Hound, however it was a bit too snug for the little monkey!


We look forward to spending many more happy birthdays with her in years to come.