Our Melbourne Road Trip

Georgie and Jerry Ghionis with Dave Biesse and Charlotte Leonard

After shooting Louis and Jasmine’s fabulous wedding in Perth, Dave and I flew to Melbourne to visit the rest of his family. We had an awesome time visiting with everyone, all of Dave’s cousins, aunts and uncles were a blast to be around. We also had a chance to hang out with friends Jerry and Georgina Ghionis. We not only love their work, but had a great time in Melbourne with the two of them. If you get a chance, check out Jerry Ghionis’ photography, he’s an amazing award winning photographer and Dave and I absolutely love his stuff! Of course, behind every great man is a fabulous woman, and Georgi certainly has that covered 🙂 If you’re not a member of Jerry’s ICE Society, we highly recommend it. It’s a very helpful tool for any photographer.

driving my holden ss

Haha… Dave Loooved our rental car… It’s a Holden SS, a brand of car made only in Australia. It sure was a hot rod, but too bad there’s photo radar all over Australia, he never got a chance to take it for a real spin… Oh well, I was fine with that!

cows on the hills near cobden

After an awesome time away in Melbourne, we headed through the country side to the famous Great Ocean Road. This has got to be the most incredible drive on earth. Winding cliff side roads complimented by gorgeous ocean views.

the great ocean road, near apollo bay

The 12 Apostles, on The Great Ocean Road, Victoria. Tilt and Shift Lens

We were truly mesmerized by the scenery as we drove along The Great Ocean Road and stopped at the Twelve Apostles for a rest. Can you believe how magical this place is, totally out of this world.

island near loch ard gorge

beautiful photo of tree ferns by charlotte taken in sherbrook forest, victoria, australia

Another stop on our trip was to the enchanting Sherbrook Forest. Paths lined with ancient gum trees and tree ferns guided us deep into the forest. Parrots swooped through the air and around trees like kamikaze pilots to keep themselves entertained.

tilt and shift lens picture of charlotte crossing the creek

This adventure sure had a lot to offer. Lush greenery, exotic wildlife and my personal favourite… NO bugs!!

Beautiful photo of an ancient eucyluptus tree in sherbrook forest, the dandenongs

Check out this tree trunk! Surely it must be a few thousand years old! Okay, maybe a few hundred, but gorgeous all the same. It looks like something straight out of Lord of the Rings. Do you think the knots look like faces all over it… If only trees could talk!

feeding the parrots at sherbrook forrest

At first the sweet little parrots of Sherbrook Forest just stopped by for a quick hello, but once they saw I had a few yummy snacks in my hands they came at me from all directions!! As much as it startled me to have them all land on me at once, you do have to admire their beauty and moxie!

feeding the parrots in sherbrook forest

Australia was an exiting amazing adventure and we were sad to say good bye, but I guess all good things must come to an end! We were also happy to get back home and back to our studio. Stay tuned to the blog for what we’ve been up to since we’ve been back. We have a lot to blog about!!  An exclusive shoot with a very talented, chart topping Rock Star who’s just returned from touring with P!NK!!! And another fabulous destination wedding on the way, this time Mexico~ OLE!

The view looking up into the enormous gum trees of sherbrook forrest