Jane & Login’s Engagement Session in Allan Gardens

One of the things that we love is receiving client referrals. It’s the greatest compliment when our past clients love our work enough to pass the word along to friends & family. Jasmine and Abby are one of those couples – we’ve already been booked by several of their friends.

engagement-photography-allan gardens, toronto

After shooting their beautiful (and very big) Indian wedding at Le Jardin last October, we couldn’t wait to shoot their good friends, Jane & Login. When we met with Jane & Login to chat about their day, one of the thing that really excited all of us was the engagement shoot. These guys are so cool and down to earth. We wanted to create something really unique to symbolize their love for one another.

Engagement Photo by Charlotte Leonard

portrait in allan gardens

We got to chatting and thought it’d be fun to do their engagement pictures in the Winter. Although Winter shoots are not as common, there’s something about the fluffy, white snow on the ground and the pale blue sky that adds a special feeling of romance to the photography.

the happy couple inside allan gardens

We began the shoot in the beautiful Allan Gardens – one of downtown Toronto’s best photography locations. There are several areas within the greenhouse, ranging from desert plans through tropical and temperate areas, so there’s ample locations to get a variety of background. Combine that with the diffused light coming through the glass ceiling and an array of rare and exotic plants and you’re in photography heaven ๐Ÿ™‚

As I’m sure you’ll agree, Jane looked radiant, and Login was looking rather dapper himself!

snowball fight, engagement-picture-in winter, toronto

As Charlotte was setting up an outdoor shot of the couple, she asked me to help her by providing some movie snow. So I picked up a nice big handful, and when she gave me the go, I threw it in the air…. may aim was a little off and Login got a good amount directly on his jacket!!! We all had a good laugh out of it and it did make for a funny sequence of shots ๐Ÿ˜‰

winter engagement photos in toronto

There was a cute stone church on the corner of the property, so we wandered over and took a few shots together… The weather was pretty chilly, but they were both troopers and hung out long enough to get some really cool shots.

engagement picture by dave biesse

I think this shot Charlotte got was one of the best photos of the day… how cool is this pic…

cool shot of the couple by the red church door

Thanks for the great shoot guys – we can’t wait for your wedding day!