Jasmine & Louis Wedding in Perth, Western Australia

Hey everyone!

We’re back from our amazing destination wedding in Perth, Australia. We have had so many shoots since we’ve arrived home that we got a little behind on one of our favorite things… BLOGGING!  So please forgive our lack of posts. We’re sure this one will make up for it. We had so many favourite shots from this wedding that we were thinking of doing two blog posts! Jasmine and Louis were so amazing to us and treated us so well, we were stoked to go the extra mile and grab as many awesome shots of the newlyweds as we could.  We loved shooting in Perth’s warm sunshine for their wedding, it was nice getting out of the -30 temperatures for a while. Thank for having us along guys!

Meet Jasmine and Louis. This amazing couple grew up in Perth, but now call The Cayman Islands home. They wanted to have their dream wedding in Perth to be with their many loving friends and family. When they contacted us last year to shoot their wedding we were absolutely thrilled!

The morning was perfect. As Charlotte and I drove south across The Swan River, the Perth skyline glimmered in the rich Australian sun. It was almost exactly a year ago to the weekend that I shot my last Aussie wedding, and I have to say, the light down here is amazing.

cufflinks photo, taken in perth, western australia

We arrived at Louis’ house a little early, and were greeted by the family warmly. Their house sits atop the cliffs overlooking the Canning river, stretching out in both directions from their patio. We took a few minutes to look around and were excited at all the great locations we had to shoot in natural light.

groom sits on steps waiting to leave for the wedding

The obviously warm and loving relationship between Louis and his dad was a pleasure to photograph. Throughout the whole day, the two of them were having a lot of laughs.

louis and his dad tie their ties together

Louis, the groom getting ready with his dad

The groomsmen were looking pretty sharp too, and all three of the the guys were sharp witted and always close at hand to get Louis laughing…

louis with his groomsmen

…or grimacing!

Louis with his groomsmen in Perth, Western Australia

At Jasmine’s house, we arrived to a similar sense of excitiment among everyone. The dress looked just amazing hanging in the spare room.

Wedding dress, veil and shoes

A macro picture of Jasmine's very beautiful engagement ring

The girls were having a great time laughing away… Both Charlotte and I loved the way the girls had such a great energy about them. They really were a lot of fun to work with!


I love this photo of the girls checking up on Jasmine’s make up progress. Lookin’ good Jas!

the girls check up on Jasmine's make up

As Jasmine put on her earrings she gave an easy smile to her mum.. I love this shot 🙂

The bride puts on her earrings

The bride with her bridesmaids as she gets dressed, perth, wa

As the finishing touches were complete, Jas looked back at her sister for the first time as a beautiful, glowing bride to be…

Jasmine shares a sweet look with her sister, Shannon

We all couldn’t help but feel emotional seeing Jasmine in her stunning gown. Shannon had a few tears of joy when she realized at that moment that her little sister was on her way to walk down the aisle.

The maid of honour, Shannon getting emotional

A beautiful shot of the bridal train held by the bridesmaids, perth

When Jasmine’s Dad saw her, he looked so proud… Her Mum smiled up at them while holding back the tears. We feel so lucky to capture these touching moments at weddings.

the Father of the bride takes his first look as his daughter

Beautiful photos of Jasmine in her dress and veil, Perth, Western Australia

We took a few shots of Jas her girls and family before a celebratory toast of champagne!

A Toast to the bride

Jasmine with her mum and dad before the ceremony

Her parents admired their little girl and gave her a BIG kiss before Jasmine made her way to the ceremony. AwwwwwwJasmine with her mum and dad before the ceremony 3

Bride with her wedding boquet of flowers having a laugh

The bride and her father in the limo on the way to the ceremony

Father of the bride admiring Jasmine's ring

Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Jasmine arrives for their enchanting wedding ceremony at the UWA (University of Western Australia) Sunken Gardens. Louis teared up emotion as he saw Jasmine’s Father walking his gorgeous bride down the aisle.

Groom looks on as father and bride walking down the aisle

After a heart-felt ceremony the two made it official. I don’t think anyone could take the smiles off their face 🙂

Signing the registry together

Jasmine and Louis cuddling

You guys are so perfect together… You can tell Louis adores Jas and was so happy with his new bride on his arm. Jasmine was all smiles too as they walked away  as Man and Wife!

Jasmine & Louis sharing a sweet moment together

One of my favourite photos from the day, in the sunken gardens, university of western australia, perth

The cutest girl giving the bride a big hug

We hit the UWA (University of Western Australia) Campus for some bridal party shots… Charlotte shot Louis and his dapper groomsmen and I shot Jasmine and her stylin’ girls.

Wedding Party strut their stuff at UWA

Watch out Australia’s Next Top Model, these girls know how to walk a runway!

Awesome groomsmen wedding photo at Perth's UWA campus

I love this shot Charlotte took, it looks like a shot of a rock band. Very cool guys!

Bride and bridesmaids waiting for the groomsmen

Classic resivoir dogs/entourage photo of the groom and groomsmen

One of the best photos of the whole wedding day

University of Western Australia Wedding Party Photo

What a stylin’ looking bunch!! These guys were so easy to work with, they knew how to strike a pose or two.

University of Western Australia, Perth Wedding Photo

After the UWA photo shoot, we headed to the boathouse so Jas and Louis could sit back and relax for a bit as the newlywed couple. They took off their shoes and watched the waves lap to shore before heading to the reception.

bride and groom sitting on the jetty by the boat house

The reception was fabulous! It took place in the Quarry Ampetheatre with 200 of their closest friends and family. Everyone enjoyed the loving and sometimes tearful speeches for the bride and groom. When Louis’ Father and Brother hit the stage they entertained the guests with their endless wit and humour! We were laughing so hard it really didn’t feel like work.

Wedding Reception at The Quarry Amphitheatre, Perth

As the sun went down and the lights came up Jasmine, Louis and guests hit the dance floor to celebrate.  Dancing under the stars was a perfect way to end a glorious day. Thanks to Jas and Louis for choosing us as the photographers to shoot your wedding. All the very best to you both and congratulations!!

The Happy Couple at Their Wedding Reception at The Quarry Amphitheatre, Perth