Steve & Anna’s Mexican Wedding

What a fun and exciting year we have had! We honestly feel so blessed to have such a great job, flying around the globe documenting the most important days of peoples lives. We can’t think of a better way to spend our days then with our amazing clients we feel so lucky to have! We’re on our way to New Delhi, India this June to shoot Ankush and Lina’s beautiful Indian wedding, which has got us pretty excited, can’t wait… bring on the yummy food! After destination weddings in Jamaica, Barbados, Hong Kong, Australia and Mexico we’ve had the chance to shoot in some pretty amazing and exotic locations. Steve and Anna’s wedding in Mexico is one of those shoots, gorgeous location, fabulous couple, great ceremony… the perfect wedding in paradise.


If there is one thing that we love it’s referrals!!! Dave photographed Patrick and Ludwika’s wedding in 2007 and we where happy they sent Steve and Anna our way. Thanks Patrick and Ludwika, you guys are awesome. Ok, back to the wedding, when we arrived to the suite, everyone was calm and relaxed, the right pace for a breezy wedding in Playa del Carmen (in the Mayan Riviera). Steve owns a hair salon in the Bloor West Village in Toronto and who better to do Anna’s hair then her husband to be. He did an absolutely gorgeous job. After she slipped on her Gucci dress and Valentino shoes she looked just like a Hollywood starlet- Stunning.



Steve wasn’t looking to bad himself! He looked like very cool in his light grey suit, a perfect shade for a destination wedding.


It was really nice watching these two together. They really enjoyed just being together and all of the shots just felt natural and relaxed.

destination wedding photo of couple by the ocean in playa del carmen


Ahhhh, I love this one. This was just outside of the chapel where the ceremony was held. Can you believe that is a wall of candle wax. These candles were so romantic, it was hard for Steve to resist just one little kiss!



Here is another one of our favourite shots. Anna brushing away a tear as her mother leaves her with some beautiful words before the ceremony. I get teary  just looking at it. So sweet.



We loved the look on Steve’s face when he saw his bride to be walking towards him down the aisle. Can’t you just feel his emotion for Anna.





The ceremony was held in a little Mexican chapel. The little white chapel sat high upon a hilltop, woodwork and candle light really set the mood for an intimate wedding of close friends and family. Beautiful light poured in from the sunset as if to bless the marriage from the heavens. It really was a phenomenal spot to exchange vows.



We caught this cute little shot of them admiring their rings for the first time. Awwwee, it’s moments like these ones that really get us excited about photographing beautiful wedding pictures for our clients.


Dave grabbed this one! Always getting the craziest angles! Haha, we loved Steve’s lucky striped socks.


And they’re now officially Husband and Wife, as they walked down the aisle, you could noticeable see the skip in their step, excited to start their new life together. Whoo Hoo!



Once the ceremony was complete, we headed to our resort for a very romantic wedding reception on the beach. With the sound of the Mariachi’s playing, the waves lapped to shore. Palm leaves swayed in the wind and a ceiling stars covered us over head. Receptions on the beach are the best, sand between your toes, tiki torches lighting the way, so romantic.






They sipped champagne and danced the night away. The happy couple made a toast to all of their wonderful friends and family that made the trip to Mexico with them to celebrate their love for one another in style!


destination beach wedding details, table settings, shells and champane, tiki torches

After some really thoughtful and caring speeches, the gang hit the sand for some boogying on the beach.


What a sweet moment, the two newlyweds dancing for the first time as husband and wife. We really enjoyed being the artist to document your day. Thank you so much for having us along for your beautiful wedding in Mexico. It will be a memory we will never forget and we hope our images will take you back to Mexico every time you look at them.


Stay tuned to the blog for Steve and Anna’s engagement shoot, a photo shoot with a celebrity Rock N’ Rolla and some other big Canon 5D Mark II news comin your way!!