A Day in the Dunes

As we’ve been having an amazing time doing our engagement and family shoots while here in Perth (posting soon!!), we stopped by one of Dave’s fave spots that he was really stoked to introduce me to, the Lancelin Dunes!

Lancelin is located about 100 KM north of Perth and in order to arrive in time for the optimal light conditions we had to wake up at the crack of 4 AM to make the 1 hour drive for sunrise. When we got there it was honestly one of the most dramatically beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. The way the sun rose slowly – crept along and illuminated the sand dunes was just magical.

It was hard to believe that a natural wonder like this was just a hop, skip and jump from the city of Perth and not in the Sahara Desert. We loved photographing all of the amazing textures and patterns in the sand and the contrast of the sun rise and shade really made it feel like we were taking photos on the Moon!

Dave has been coming to Lancelin since he was a kid he told me about how he and his brothers would jump off the dunes and how much fun they had. I had to dare him to do it just one more time, for old times sake!

After we wrapped at the dunes we thought we’d swing by the beach to check out the scenery and maybe go for a snorkel, to our surprise we saw about 8 dolphins right at the shoreline and had to take a closer look. It was sooo amazing to see dolphins swimming in the wild. They were looking for fish, swimming on their backs and playing around in the water, I could almost touch them…so incredible.

On the way back we cruised along some country roads and ended up seeing an Emu and it’s chicks. They’re funkiest looking birds, the cool thing about Emu’s is that they are a lot like Penguins in the way that after the mother lays the eggs, the father cares for the young. It was so cool seeing a father and his babies as we drove along.

Ok, now I thought I had my Aussie animal fix for the trip…but boy was I wrong. Dave took me to Yanchep National Park for our last stop. We made it just in time for the koala tour and I have to tell you we could not believe how freakin’ cute these little guys are. Not only are they freakin’ atomically cute, but they are such fascinating creatures! I was shocked when our tour guide told us that koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves and nothing else…they don’t even drink water. They are so chilled out only because of lack of the energy in the food they eat not because they’re sleepy or…otherwise…who knew?

I almost died from cuteness when we saw the mommy Koala and her baby joey.   All we could saw was “Nah-AAaaawwwwww!”

Finally… A shot Dave grabbed by pulling over onto the side of the road and snapping. The sky is so clear and vivid blue that it comes out almost black when you shoot in black and white… Australia’s like another world.