Surfs up in Margaret River

After our long flight from Hong Kong at last we arrived in Perth, Australia!

We were so excited to get here and get settled for a month of fun including engagement and family shoots and not to mention Louis and Jasmine’s wedding just around the corner!

Since Dave is originally from Australia but has lived in Canada for the last 6 years, almost his whole family is here in Oz. We loved making our first stop and catching up with Mick, Shar and little baby Zara!  We were also stoked to be taking a road trip with them to Margaret River, Western Australia for a few days of relaxation together in one of the most beautiful nature and surf spots on Earth.

When we drove through the hills of Margaret River, it instantly reminded me of Malibu. Stunning cliff side beach homes overlooking the crashing waves below. Surfers floated by waiting to catch the perfect wave.  We unloaded the car and got settled in a beach home of our own, well at least for a few days anyway :).

It was a perfect nature retreat with a gorgeous wrap around balcony hosting panoramic views of nature and not to mention the Indian Ocean. We loved sitting out there taking in some fresh ocean air. Surrounded by Gum Trees and Jacaranda’s the Kookaburra’s, and Willy-Wag Tails filled the air with melodies.

The brilliant vibrancy of parrots swooping through the trees reminded me that we were in our own perfect little paradise. Dave and I decided to check out the town of Margaret River, then stopped in on local surfing hot spot.

We were definitely stoked we brought our cameras along to take a few snap shots. This place was incredible. We watched the waves crash to shore and the surfers riding high on the tides, it really made me want to take up surfing some day. Mick and Shar (and baby Zsa Zsa as we sometimes call her) a big thanks to you guys for planning a great little get away for us and it was fab hanging out with you guys for a little while in Margaret River!!