Hong Kong Adventures

Wow… 16 hours on a plane, I honestly did not think I was going to make it. Dave is way more experienced at these lengthy overseas flights then I am and assured me this would be  a piece of cake. As I sat back in my seat, adjusted my koala ears (head rest) and enjoyed another hilarious episode of The Office, I realized 16 hours isn’t that long after all 🙂

We landed in Hong Kong just in time to watch the coral colored sun rise over the silhouetted hillside. It was simply magical. It reminded us how important it is to appreciate the beauty in the world that’s all around us and we sometimes take for granted.

In between meals, movies and magazines, we tried to get as much sleep as we could possibly could in flight. We didn’t want to be too jet lagged on arrival so we could enjoy Hong Kong to the fullest. We checked into our hotel and decided to explore a little, before any shops had opened. The streets were quiet, but you could hear the new day slowly awakening as we made our way towards the subway.

We hopped on the subway with our Octopus Cards, a little re-fillable card that can be used to purchase products, parking and transportation through out the city (Toronto seriously needs to get on this system, its soo convenient!) We didn’t really have any particular stop in mind, but found a gorgeous little park outside of the city. It was like paradise, immaculately landscaped with winding trails, palm trees and water fountains, sooo tranquil and peaceful. Many people use the park for Tai Chi and stretching and mini boat racing in the ponds 🙂

We were told that Hong Kong’s street markets were a must see so Dave and I made our way over to check them out. We met a few funny characters in the markets. This kind lady was very nice and helped us find the perfect jade trinkets. She was soo cute and giggled when Dave took our picture!

We’re excited to be in Hong Kong for Yanyan & Clement’s Engagement shoot in a couple of days! We’ve scouted out so many awesome locations here in Hong Kong for the shoot. Stay tuned to the blog for more awesome adventures coming soon!!