Family Portraits In Perth

Jasmine’s family are a fun loving, good natured, jovial bunch.

When Charlotte and I arrived for the shoot, they were joking around and all having a good laugh together. Let’s face it, a lot of people go into a family photo session a little worried that the photographer might ask them to say that horrible word… Ch**se (I can’t bear to even type it!). It wasn’t at all hard to see that Jasmine’s family weren’t going to be a shy bunch!

We ended up having a really nice casual shoot together, starting at a park only a kilometre or so from their home in Carine. This particular nature reserve is full of marshlands, where ducks, ibises, turtles and dozens of species of parrot flourish… as well as dozens of species of snakes… Charlotte was our full time snake spotter!!

The family sat among the malealuca’s and had a few laughs together before we took a meandering walk through some of the trails.

Next we cruised down to good old Watermans beach, one of the northern beaches of Perth. The whole family were eager to take their shoes off and walk in the sand. I love the drama in the ocean – even though strong onshore wind isn’t ideal for surfing, it certainly creates a dramatic background for shots like these.

Merry Christmas to you all – Thanks for reading our blog – we look forward to sharing all of our adventures with you in the coming year!