Hong Kong Engagement Shoot

As a part of my morning routine, one of the things that I really looove doing is going through the days new wedding photography inquiries! Although referrals are still our number 1 source of new clients, Google and the Bloggers Choice Awards definitely helps new couples find us.

While returning inquiries, I came across Yanyan  & Clement, a cool couple living in Hong Kong, but getting married at The Doctors’ House in Kleinburg. After a few emails back and forth they’d booked us but wanted to do the engagement shoot before their wedding this February. So we all decided it was best to do the shoot in fabulous Hong Kong!! Dave and I had so many ideas and concepts for the shoot and were super stoked to be photographing them in Hong Kong.

We met Yanyan and Clement for the first time at the big clock tower overlooking the Hong Kong harbour. They were the gorgeous, well dressed couple with the big smiles and warm welcome 🙂 We told them we’d be the ones with the giant cameras. I think it worked because the spotted us right away!

We took a look around the harbour and found some sweet spots to shoot. Dave and I have a real system going when we shoot together. We each take turns in posing and shooting, while the other will hold reflectors and off camera lights. We think it works pretty well for us, and we have a blast playing around with our clients.

Being at the harbour was perfect, massive fishing boats that looked like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean were floating by and created a really cool backdrop.

As the sun started to set and we lost light for a bit, Yanyan and Clement took us to Ye Shanghai before the night shoot began. The food was fabulous and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is very famous for it’s spectacular laser show at 8:15. All of the buildings in the city take part in the show that is set to music for on lookers to enjoy. We thought it would be a great opportunity for us to get some killer shots of Yanyan and Clement with Hong Kong cityscape lit up across the water. It was a spectacular! Definitely something Dave and I will always remember.

Thanks so much to Yanyan and Clement for having us as your photographers in fabulous Hong Kong. We enjoyed every minute of it and cannot wait to shoot your beautiful winter wedding in February.

Stayed tuned to the blog for Jasmine & Louis’ wedding later this month in Perth, Australia.