The Cutest Little Girl

It was about a year ago that I was last in Australia – to photograph the wedding of Dave and Ebony. Little has changed about Perth, but there are a couple of pieces of the puzzle that are vastly different. Firstly, I’m lucky enough to have my beautiful girlfriend Charlotte with me on this trip. Last year she decided to visit her mum and little bro in Kelowna over Christmas while I was Down Under, so it’s awesome to have her along this year.

Some other changes that are especially nice are that my oldest brother and his wife have had a second little boy. He’s about 9 months old now and is adorable.

Long time readers of the blog may remember my new born niece from my last trip. She’s grown up a lot since then – constantly chatting in her own sweet little language, and nearly walking. It’s been so nice having a full week with Mick, Sharon and Zara, getting away to Margaret River with them and basically catching up on the last year of our lives. It’s been a busy year for us all, so it’s great to get quality time together.

During the course of that time we often had the camera out, and Charlotte was loving the many dozen opportunities to capture Zara getting up to all sorts of activities.

This first shot, while being rather messy is my favourite! How adorable is she!!!?

While out shooting the natural beauty surrounding Margaret River, Charlotte is always pointing out cool photo locations, shot ideas, angles and great areas of light. One of the things that keep on catching her eye are these certain plants that are a bit like wheat, but feel like soft fur on top. So when we saw a great patch of light flooding a field of these angelic grass heads, she set about doing a impromptu photo shoot with Zara.

Isn’t she the cutest????? I know right!

And yet another priceless photograph of Zara, with that cheeky look she loves to give you as if to say “I know exactly what you’re up to!”.

As we were driving back to Perth on Friday, mick spotted this great tin shed and pulled over. He’s got a spot on the living room wall full of amazing photos he’s taken (he’s shares my creative streak), with a large empty frame hanging in the centre… “We’d like to put a family portrait in that frame” he’d said when I first arrived. We’d decided that a rustic red toned background would be perfect, so had been looking for the right location during our trip, and here it was!

We spent only two or three minutes taking some photos and got some really cute sequences of them playing with Zara, lots of tickling and laughing was involved. These were my favourites from the set.

Charlotte and I have a couple of shoots coming up in the next week and will be posting those as they happen. Until then, we’ll sign off – we’re off to the beach for a swim.