Wedding Photography Workshop at The Royal York, Toronto

Sunday was a pretty amazing day for Dave and I. We stayed up late the night before making sure every last detail was ready to go and we were prepped for one of our coolest shoots ever… our wedding photography workshop at the Royal York Hotel! Feeling some serious butterflies, we packed up the car and made our way to the Marriott on Bay St where our conference room awaited us. I was so stoked about the hours of fun ahead, the dresses, the models, the make-up, the location… opulence as far as the eye could see.  I really do LOVE putting together and styling these workshops, anything I envision – even a fairytale – can come to life.

With so many amazing people on board we knew we were in for one fabulous photography workshop. Some of our brides to be may recognize Tai (above left) our model, she’s featured in the current edition of Wedding Bells! She and Sylvia (above right) were so talented, they really made the day such a breeze for all of our photographers. Catherine Langlois, one of Toronto’s premiere wedding gown designers fitted Tai with her stunning designer gown and veil, both looked absolutely ethereal.

Georgia Spyra, co-founder of Wink Make-Up Academy here in Toronto was along to make our models look incredible, she has a fantastic ability to create a flawless glow and maximize beauty. Georgia was named one of the top 20 makeup artists in Canada by Lancome International, as well as one of the top five Bridal makeup artists in the country, you can see why we loved having her along!!

We chatted about light, locations, composition and the photography business until lunch and then made our way to one of Toronto’s most famous landmarks, The Royal York Hotel. We reserved the gorgeous Imperial Room for the workshop. Between the ballroom and the spectacular front lobby we were in heaven and had so many beautiful places to shoot! I took a look at a few of the attendees shots and I have to say I was completely blown away with the stuff these guys were getting.

When I laid my eyes upon this opulent bridal gown, a little voice in my head said “I WANT that.” Made of silk, Swarovski crystals and lace, it looked like it was something Cinderella might wear. Dave played with the fairytale theme and set up this storybook shot. I love it :)!!

The attendees took part in our 8 minute challenge – applying what they learned from the in class portion of the day and shoot the models on their own. We wanted them to have fun with it and get creative, so we made it interesting by offering a prize to the best two images. We’ll post the winners shortly but since all of them are pro photographers I have a feeling it’s gonna be a really close competition.

These shots were taken in the front lobby of the hotel. I just love the way the light plays on the taffeta of Catherine Langlois’ creation, such perfection.

Dave took some of the attendees back into the Imperial Room to play with some available light.

Matt and Tai struck a pose or two while the photog’s snapped away!

When 4:30 hit, we took it outside for the final session of the photography workshop…a real Engagement Shoot with our own fabulous, fantastic, fun-loving clients Sandrina & Jay!!!! Dave was thinking of a celebrity/ paparazzi theme for the shoot. It was totally awesome, these guys pulled up in style with a driver and a shiny new Escalade.

Wowza! How hot do these guys look?? Oh! Oh! Can I have your autograph…Pulllease 😉

SA-Mokin’  These rockstars were a perfect ending to our day full of fun and adventure. Thanks to everyone for taking part, we had a blast!

Before we sign off, we wanted to give a huge shout out to our awesome friend and associate photographer Kristin for the photographic coverage of the workshop.