Hilton Head Island Adventures

So, South Carolina you say… getting warmer by the day, and we’re inspired to keep on truckin until we hit Florida! From what we can tell, Hilton Head Island is a playground for golfers and retirees… and a LOT of tourists!

It’s a carefully planned community well known for it’s “eco-friendly” development style, with strict building codes in place to ensure minimal impact on the environment, with the style of buildings and how they are situated amongst existing trees being strictly enforced. This includes everything down to the colour you can paint the building, the height and even the size and placement of corporate brands. As a great example, there’s a McDonalds that doesn’t even have have their golden arches on the building! Just a small discreet sign among the bushes at the edge of the road. Incredible!

We spent three days on the island, going for long walks and rides along the beach and exploring the many, many miles of bike paths stretching across the island. It was a totally relaxed few days with lots of time to unwind. Perfect 🙂

During one of our rides we did spot this gator… scary… I immediately decided not to let the dogs off the leash!! Yikes.

We didn’t have our camera gear on most of the bike rides, so the iPhone was put to good use on several occasions… sorry about the image quality guys!

Greta and Fritzi both loved exploring the beach and digging in the sand… and BOTH managed to find something nice and smelly to roll in!!! They were both treated to a bath when we got back to the hotel… do they look a little guilty to you?