Michel & Elizabeth + Tilt & Shift = Pure Joy

Michel & Elizabeth. How to describe them… Quirky, cool, funny, wacky at times – But mostly, they’re deeply in love.

The four of us decided that a cool location for their engagement shoot would be “graffiti alley” (recently featured in the film, The Rocker – Go Toronto!). We began the shoot in an art/media house downtown … It had some really sweet exposed brick walls throughout, artworks, windows, stairs, overpasses, underpasses… You get the idea!

We cruised up to Queen Street via the back alleys and shot some very low light images using the street lights that were there. I have to admit, there were a few shady characters who were hanging around. Later on we decided it may not have been the best idea to chat to them! (what can I tell you, I like meeting new people!)

If you haven’t ever been to Shanghai Cowgirl – a cute little greasy spoon on Queen just east of Bathurst –  check it out next time you’re in the hood. They make a mean burger with roasted garlic, they’re insanely good. Charlotte grabbed this shot of Michel & Elizabeth using the tilt and shift lens – ah, the joys of controlling the focal plane… cool right?

We sat down and grabbed a drink and chatted with them after the shoot. Thanks for the fun night out guys. We loved shooting you both and can’t wait to see you again soon : )

Check out the slideshow… we had fun doing the stop motion section in the middle!