Engagement Session at The Ex!

“Yeah! We go every year!!” Shemara exclaimed when we asked her whether she’d be interested in doing her engagement shoot at The Ex (for those of you not from Toronto, The Ex is the biggest carnival we have).

We all arrived feeling rather excited about the shoot. Charlotte and I had put a lot of ideas together and were stoked to have another chance to try the new 24mm Tilt and Shift lens we’d just procured from Canon. You see, this lens is used by architectural photographers to shift the perspective in a photo – either to make a building appear larger or smaller. The other cool thing about this lens is that it can change the focal plane from being perpendicular to the camera to running at different diagonal angles across the image…. if that’s sounding all rather techie, then just scroll down and you’ll see what I mean.

We spent the shoot wandering around The Ex, going from ride to ride and generally having a great time hanging out as two couples – and getting some cool shots along the way.

The ferris wheel was heaps of fun, but I think the swings and the carousel were my favourite shots by far.

Toward the end of the shoot, we decided to head down to Atlantis/Ontario Place to do some shots with sparklers that Charlotte had brought to play around with. On the way we went past this old building and grabbed an arty shot, then thought it’d be fun to do the retro horror flick look.

If you’ve got a couple of minutes, check out the slideshow to see the whole engagement shoot.

Thanks Mohammed & Shemara – you guys rocked! We can’t thank you enough for being so sweet together and supporting our wacky ideas.