Natasha’s Dress Fitting

4 weeks and 3 days…Every day feels like the countdown to Christmas for me and I’m sure Dave too. He just plays it cool and tells me how many sleeps I have until Natasha & Kester’s GLORIOUS wedding in Barbados! I’m checking off the days in the advent calendar in my head until… we’re swept away to sweet, sweet paradise. That’s right…we have another fabulous destination wedding upon us and we’re getting pumped! Natasha’s dress fitting made us both fantasize about all of the amazing shoots and locations we have planned for this super-fab, super-hot, super-awesome couple in the tropics.

We have got to say that this girl knows how to shop! She went to the right place when she walked through the doors of one of the best bridal boutiques in Toronto to hunt for her dream gown. The vote was unanimous, Natasha (or Tash as we call her) looked drop-dead-gorgeous in that designer wedding dress! I guess that’s the reason why "Jealous Bridesmaids" got it’s name he-he.

Charmaine, the owner of the boutique, was so helpful and the experience was so great she just made us all feel like royalty while we were there…sigh. 2 of Tash’s 7 Bridesmaids to be helped her with the fitting and made sure everything was perfect. We all had a blast, it was great having them along. We were all so giddy and excited for her even Dave was like a kid in a candy store!

The cute name of the boutique defiantly got a few laughs. Check out the "Jealous bridesmaids" giving Tash "the stink eye" for being wayyyy too gorgeous in her dress!

**Not to worry everyone. No brides were hurt in the shooting of this dress fitting**

Stay tuned to the blog for more shots of Natasha & Kester’s wedding, it’s going to be a grand and absolutely spectacular event!!