Savin’ it for a Rainy Day

When you truly love, love LOVE what you do, everyday is like a holiday. Each day starts out pretty much the same for us…wake up, grab a piping hot- freshly brewed coffee, play with the doggies, catch an episode of Entourage and get cracking on our jam packed day.

Us humans are prone to routine and lately it’s been the norm for our jammed packed days to continue on until the wee hours of the morning. It is very satisfying almost addicting for Dave and I to see the reactions of our clients…or should I say friends 🙂 when they see they see their photographs for the first time. It’s really a driving force and motivation for us to keep at this crazy pace. At least we get to do it together!

As per Dave’s parents advice, we were due for a day off. We were both fully on board and wanted to invest in some serious "us time". Dave, Fritzi, Greta and I love getting back to nature and out of the big city whenever we get a chance. Exploring country dirt roads, and photographing old abandoned houses and barns always makes the top of our list.

We saved up until Friday for our big day off and of course it rained cats, dogs and quarter horses . Dave googled the weather network and said "hmmm…80% chance of thunderstorms…possibility of large hail…are you afraid of a little rain?" I was all like…", no. (did he say hail ?!?)"  Throwing caution to the wind, we embarked on our grand adventure!

As we loaded up the car, I asked Dave if he had any locations in mind. He revealed nothing…we were going on a surprise adventure!!! Unbeknownst to Greta, Fritty and I we were headed to the Badlands. When we arrived, we were all in awe…the Badlands totally rocked…but what exactly were they?! Land clearing left the soft red clay exposed to rain and created rounded hills. Circulating groundwater caused red iron oxide to change green making the narrow green bands. Wow… and only 40 minutes from Toronto- sweet!

We had an hour of fun at the Badlands. Ominous clouds loomed overhead and we knew we didn’t have much more time. At the first sight of rain the dogs ran for the hills. Greta was not impressed was sure to shake, shake, shake the rain drops off her pretty pink raincoat.

Geeesh, you’d think these dogs were made of sugar. We had to quickly dry these little ones off or they would never forgive us! Greta was looking at me like…"Mommy, you should know by now…we detest the rain!"