Megan & Shaun’s wedding at McMichael Art Gallery, Kleinburg

Megan and Shaun…what an amazing, cool couple! After seven years of bliss, Shaun wanted to make the woman of his dreams his forever and asked Megan to be his wife. From the first moment you meet them, you can instantly see why these two are so perfect for each other. When Dave and I arrived at McMichael’s Art Gallery in Klienburg on this beautiful summer afternoon we were full of excitement! Megan and Shaun were such a sweet, funny and amazing couple we knew we were in for a great time and a lot of laughter!

We met up with Megan as she was getting ready with all of her five lovely bridesmaid’s by her side. The room was filled with laughter! Megan and all of her bridesmaids have been friends for many years and you can tell that they are all as close as sisters.

Once Megan’s Mother Gai walked into the bridal suite and saw her daughter as a bride to be you could see the happiness in her eyes. She was so proud of Megan, the Mother/Daughter bond between them is very strong and you could see how very meaningful this day was.

Megan’s Father was just as proud of his little girl as he walked her down the aisle. Shaun looked on with such emotion as he saw his bride to be for the first time. Megan was glowing and the way the sunshine hit her veil made her look just like an angel. Shaun’s Mother was so happy for the couple as well and smiled lovingly at the two as they vowed their love for one another.

After the beautiful ceremony we met up with the newlyweds and wedding party for some post ceremony photos. They have such an awesome connection with all of their friends and family it made for so many great photo ops. They all just joked around and had a good time with one another.

These two definitely have it going on! Megan and Shaun both have awesome careers to match their amazing personalities! Megan is the managing editor at Canadian Family magazine and you may also recognize her as a former Columnist for The Toronto Star. Shaun is a little more on the “techie” side of things, he’s a science guy that works on mass spectrometers (It’s a good thing I can type it because I can’t say it!)

Check out Shaun and his groomsmen…sooo Reservoir Dogs!

With a forecast of severe thunderstorms we were a little nervous about which way the weather was going to go. Since the wedding was at McMichael’s Art Gallery, we really wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous greenery and beautiful landscapes and rain wouldn’t have allowed for that. We were all so fortunate and had no problem with the weather. As soon as we were done with the group photos, the skies opened up and Mother Nature blessed the marriage with lucky wedding day rain!

The details and the food were beautiful and well done. Megan choose soft pinks and greens for her floral arrangements and cakes. Every detail was absolutely lovely and added a refreshing lively feel to an early summer wedding.

While the guests enjoyed their dinner, Dave and I set up a photo station with our Ring Flash for the guests. The bride and groom were excited to have a shot of each table with all of the guests at the wedding! Dave invited the the guests to stop by for a group portrait before the dancing began. It’s a great idea to get a fun shot of everyone having a good time at the wedding. The girls loved it, look at all of my new friends lol!

Wedding Photographer Toronto reviews wedding photos with guests

We both love the effect of the Ring Flash! It creates a really cool fashion look!

Well I can’t give all the credit to the lighting, these girls are so gorgeous they all look like models anyway! hehe

The first dance marked the end of a beautiful day and a magical evening. Megan and Shaun are so awesome and so in love it was fabulous just being a part of their special day.