Jennifer & Brent’s Wedding Day

We woke up bright and early on this gorgeous summer morning to make our way to what was going to be one of the most exquisite weddings of the summer. We grabbed our coffee and hit the road with camera gear, our projector and our brand spanking new MacBook Pro (or "Lappy" as Dave calls him) in tow. We had a bit of a drive ahead but when we finally hit Snodden Rd. we knew we were at the right place. Brent’s name has been a part of Sutton, Ontario’s history for so many generations that the road was actually named after his family. We pulled up to the beautiful farm house and met Brent and his groomsmen getting ready for the big day inside.

Once the cuff links had been fastened and guys were looking their best, we took them out for a few shots of "the boys" together before the ceremony. Brent’s house had so many great places to shoot it was too difficult to decide on just one locale.  So we had some fun with it and we got some arty shots of guys by Brent’s barn and then made our way to the bright yellow canola field you can see in the distance.

After a killer shoot with the boys, Dave and I met up with Jen, the charmingly beautiful bride to be.  Jen looked absolutely gorgeous and was surrounded by her wonderful bridesmaids and loving family when we arrived. She is such a sweetie you can see why Brent adores her so much. Everything from her fairytale gown to her bouquet of white roses was done to sheer perfection. You could see her family was so happy and so full of love on this perfect wedding day. Jen’s mom joined in with the girls as they turned their bouquets into microphones broke out into a cover version of.."going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married." It was too cute.

At last! The magnificent Clydesdale horses pulled up with a little white buggy to carry Jen away to meet her groom. I was lucky enough to come along for the ride and shoot Jen on the way to the church, it was sensational!

Jen and Brent have such a endearing love for one another, it’s so sweet. We just love catching those little  candid moments of joy and love between a bride and groom. It’s so touching and this is why we love what we do!

Jen and Brent have been a part of this beautiful little stone chapel their whole lives. It was so important for them to be married there and it held so much meaning for the two of them.

They were so full of excitement once they became man and wife the newlyweds were all smiles as they rode away together in their little horse drawn carriage. When they made their entrance to the Briars Golf and Country Club Dave was waiting in the tower high, high above to capture it all. I love watching Dave work, he’s always climbing things and exploring new angels to get the perfect shot 🙂

We ended the day with a surprise slide show that Jen and Brent planned in advance for their guests. When Dave and I projected the special moments from their day on the big screen there was not a dry eye in the house.

Thanks Jen and Brent for being such an awesome couple and making our experience so spectacular. You truly made us feel like a part of the family. Congratulations!