Best Photography Blog Nomination!!

Dave and I are totally honoured and completely shocked! The blog has been nominated for the Best Photography Blog through the Bloggers Choice Awards (sorta like the Oscars in the world of blogging) and it’s quickly moving to the top of the list!! This is so awesomely UN…believable…and even though we’re still in shock we’ve been recruiting everyone we can to vote and help the blog reach #1. Some of you may have seen the little “Bloggers Choice” button at the top of each blog post, that shortcut takes you straight to the site and makes it super-easy to click and vote!!

It only takes a minute and it would totally rock if we actually won! We can’t thank you all enough for the positive feedback and casting all of the votes we’ve already tallied. We’re really not that far from the top of the list so maybe your vote could be the one to push us to #1! Oh ya…you can only vote once per category…sorry Mom.