Casa Loma Wedding Photography Workshop Wrap Up

This past Sunday was our wedding photography workshop. Charlotte spent most of the past two weeks putting this workshop together… from sourcing two amazing models, finding the designer wedding gown, sourcing our hair and makeup, getting the right bling, and of course confirming all the details on our location, the grande and wonderful Casa Loma.

We kicked off the shoot in the conservatory (you may recognize it in films such as X-Men, Chicago and countless wedding flicks!) It’s a gorgeous room with very high ceilings, great soft light and marble throughout. Charlotte decided to grab one of the fans and create a fashion look with the cathedral veil Kirsten was wearing. Check it out:

A main goal of our workshops is to teach photographers the importance of seeing where the light is and harnessing that… as well as enhancing what’s already there with careful use of reflectors.

In Peacock Alley we did some very sexy shots of our bride and groom – Kirsten really showed off her fashion background with this amazing shot of her rockin’ out this dress.

We also put our cameras on ai servo / continuous and did several walk throughs of our couple coming toward and away from the camera in very low light… it’s a challenging shot to get and is essential to have the skill for it every time a bride walks down the aisle… Especially backlit in a dark church.

This next photo shows the only time we had the class put flashes on. The exercise here was to play with bouncing flashing off different objects and analyze the results.

Next we scooted into the library for a quick shoot with Josh and some cool stuff with Kirsten playing with her veil (a favourite tool Charlotte uses to get some really cool images at weddings).

To finish up the shoot we headed outside and played on the rampart, then heading into the gardens and finished up with Kirsten taking off her shoes and splashing her feet in the fountain! It did make for some very cool shots.

A huge thanks to Kirsten & Josh – you guys did awesome; Lisa our make up artist; Casa Loma for being so helpful throughout the lead and and during the shoot. Also a special thanks for Laura & little Frankie at Poppies for making the floral consultation such and enjoyable experience. We purchased our gorgeous gown at The Brides Project , a great company/charitable organization helping people with cancer one wedding gown at a time.

After wrapping at Casa Loma we headed to a pub over the road from our studio and all grabbed a hearty lunch and in some cases – ahem – a pint. We chatted for a couple of hours and had an informal q & a time. After lunch we spent about an hour in the studio and headed out for an casual shoot of Charlotte and I to get more practical with lighting, posing, exposure, focusing and all that good stuff.

To our awesome crew: We loved having you all join us for the workshop and have been totally impressed by the quality of your shots! Can’t wait to see you all again at future workshops. We will be posting the 3 competition winners tomorrow night around 9pm… Stay tuned!