Goody Two Shoes!!!

Ohhhh our sweet, adorable, little cutie pie Greta. It seems that no matter how many things you buy a teething puppy dog they always seem prefer your brand new designer pumps over a chew toy. I forgot how many pairs of shoes I accidentally donated to Fritzi’s cause, but Greta was quick to remind me! She’s soo cute and she’s really starting to get into mischief, chasing her big brother everywhere, jumping on him and bitting his ears. Fritzi doesn’t mind, he entertains her and somehow puts up with all of the nibbling.

This morning when I woke up, I was ready to take on the day. I made my way to the kitchen to pop on a pot of coffee and to my surprise I saw the cutest, yet not so cute display of affection-towards my shoes. This little stunt will definitely teach me not to leave my shoes by the front hallway anymore! Greta, the little dare devil, made it up her doggy ramp to the couch with my tastiest shoes in tow. It’s really hard getting mad at her for having such great taste in shoes, so I avoided all punishment (this time) and caught this little angel at work instead. I don’t think she’d listen anyway because she pretty much calls the shots around here! I know, I know spare the rod spoil the child~ Hmmm…

Do you think she’s making faces at me?!?