Missy Higgins Concert… Just Awesome.

Charlotte and I were out for breakfast this morning at B Cafe – one of our favourite spots (Dundas & Roncesvalles). We were flipping through NOW magazine and were stoked to see an ad for one of our favourite perfomers – Missy Higgins ! Not only that, she was on stage tonight! You see, she’s a huge name in Australia, but is just breaking out over here.

So when we got back to the studio Charlotte made some calls and scored us two media passes for the gig. Needless to say I was twitching all day, just dying for 7pm to roll around!

We rocked up and were excited to discover that Eric Hutchinson was opening the show…. His mellow rocky sound was a great start to an amazing gig. He seemed like a really cool, humble guy when we chatted after the show.

When Missy came on around 9:30 the crowd were totally pumped and were chanting "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oi! Oi! Oi!" It was great. She jumped straight into three of her newer songs and had the crowd on board from the get go.

This was our first time seeing her live, and she definitely comes off like you’d expect her to – friendly, funny, sweet natured and generally just a cool person. Of course, hearing her sing Scar, The Special Two and some of our faves was amazing – her voice is phenomenal.

Charlotte was literally right in front of her and got some sweet angles… check out this one…

And here is the artist at work! I love snagging shots like this of her. Isn’t she a beauty?!

Well, it’s nearing 2am but I just had to post this before hitting the hay. Hope you guys enjoyed the shots.

Dave & Charlotte.