Isabelle & Scott’s Wedding at the Manor, Kettleby

6.7.8…We’re not sure if they planned it this way, but June 7, 2008 was definitely the “it” date for couples to get married this year. As the inquiries came rolling in for this “primo” date, we had already cleared our calendar for this very sweet, completely adorable, match-made-in-heaven couple…Isabelle & Scott.

We arrived to Isabelle’s condo on this lovely spring afternoon. Glancing around Isabelle’s home I couldn’t help but notice not only what a great photographer she is, but that she had so many photos from her engagement shoot beautifully framed and displayed. Seeing the photos again made Dave reflect on what an awesome couple they were and how much fun they were to photograph. As I was shooting the details…dress, bouquet, engagement ring and invites I stumbled upon a little brown jewelry box in the mix. I opened it up and saw a set of absolutely stunning diamond stud earrings… Scott had sent them to Isabelle as a wedding gift for his bride to be…what a romantic!

An ivory limousine delivered us like royalty to our second stop, The Manor in Kettleby. This was a gorgeous little spot to tie the knot with rolling hills overlooking a quaint little pond and every so often you’d catch a glimpse of the resident swan sailing by. To top everything else off, the big blue sky made for a spectacular back drop…It really was heavenly.

Although the weather was beautiful and very warm, everyone made an effort to stay cool and refreshed including the bridal bouquets. They definitely managed to withstand the hot, hot heat and stayed perfectly flawless throughout the day.

Everything from the table settings, endless delectable cuisine, charming wedding cake down to the jelly beans that coordinated with the bridal bouquets was planned to a “T”.

As predicted, once again Isabelle and Scott were so much fun and a total pleasure to work with. Dave and I had a fantastic time shooting their wedding day!! Hmmm…now with 6/7/8 gone I wonder who will be the lucky couple to book 8/8/8 ??