Greta Bean’s Trip to Doctor “Oats”

Fritzi doesn’t exactly love going to the vet. Whenever we hit the front doors he yanks me in the other direction and tries to make a run for it! I guess he associates vet visits with scary needles and he doesn’t like the cold stainless steel table under his toes. I’m sure his experience would be a lot worse if he didn’t have the BEST vet in the world, Dr. “Oats”. He always seems to take a little of the sting out of the visit with his kind voice and cheery nature as well as lots of treats.

Today was Greta’s big day. She was going on her first trip to meet Dr. “Oats”. I sat in the waiting room with little Greta as she peeked around at the other dogs from her new baby blue doggie bag.

I worried what the little pup might be in for since she is so tiny and is only half the size of what she should be for a puppy her age. She sat there gazing at me with her sparkling little eyes. As any caring Daddy would be, I just wanted her to be healthy and ok.

When Dr. “Oats” met Greta, it was love at first sight. He must have spent the first 10 minutes just gushing over her. He’s that way with Fritzi too, and you can tell he just loves all animals. Greta got her check up, a quick little needle and was given a clean bill of health!! I called Charlotte right away to give her the big news, she was completely thrilled that Greta was healthy as a horse.

Dr. “Oats” said Greta was just the runt of the litter, which means she’ll stay quite small but that doesn’t mean that she’s not healthy. When I got back to the car Greta curled up right away for a snooze. But just in case I got any ideas about taking her in for another needle she slept with one eye open!