Our New Baby Girl!!!

This afternoon we went to a local dachshund breeder to pick out a new playmate for Fritty – we both had our hearts set on a little girl because we’ve already got a wonderful, but boisterous little boy! We really thought it was important to find a good breeder, and after making a several calls we found Cheryl, who’s been breeding dachshunds for 46 years – and has won all sorts of prizes and awards.

When we arrived for our consultation, we were greeted with about 14 adorable puppies, wagging their tails with sheer joy at our presence! We made our way to where the newest arrives were kept and met three beautiful little girls. There was a gorgeous 5 month old, an adorable 10 week old, then off in one corner of the room, lying ona soft bed was THE tiniest puppy we’d ever seen! Bright brown, inquisitive eyes looked up at us, and we asked Cheryl if she minded us holding this little beauty.

“Sure. Meet Tiny or Tid Bit.” She called her, the runt of the litter. “When she was born, we feared she wouldn’t survive her first day”… she’s had a survival story that you have to hear…. she was born very tiny, with an underdeveloped liver. Although this has meant her body has grown more slowly than it should have, her heart is strong and her mind is sharp! She’s a battler, that’s for sure. She’s 4 months old and only weighs 2 lbs compared to the 11 lb. average for Miniature Dachshunds, but she loves to run and play with the other dogs. Within minutes, we knew she would be the perfect puppy for us – we could provide her the extra love she needed and be close at hand to care for her. We’ll have the time and attention to help this little girl one day grow up big and strong. Please help us welcome Little Baby Greta!!!