A Cabin by the Lake

This time of year is always the busiest for most photographers. Events and photo shoots seem to take place during the warmer months and weddings book us every weekend. Dave and I took a look at our overflowing Spring/Summer calendar and to our surprise found…a free weekend! This was just what we needed to rejuvenate and re-energize to keep on top of our busy schedule. We immediately booked ourselves a four day spot. I already had the perfect place in mind…and we made our way to the beautiful cabin in the woods my family has frequented for the last 20 years. The cabin is located on gorgeous Lake Kamaniskeg in the Madawaska Valley and has everything to offer in a nice, relaxing holiday.

With no T.V., radio, internet, newspapers or phone this beautiful little rustic cottage is a great place to unwind and leave the noise of the hectic city behind you. Some might think that four days without all of these little luxuries would be the furthest thing from a holiday but it’s so much fun and such an amazing time! Our entertainment mainly consisted of watching the sunsets, The Continuing Adventures of Fritzi and Greta 🙂 , our little tin motor boat and of course Scrabble and "Acronym Scrabble" (An illegal form of Scrabble that Dave and I invented to accumulate higher scores!)

The weather was perfect and the sun was shining on us all four days. We were even lucky enough to have a lightening show over the lake one evening, so we watched over a glass of wine on our little front porch. The beauty of Canadian Cottage Country is so mesmerizing it’s truly a photographers dream.

All good things must eventually come to an end. On our last day we decided to leave a bit early and take the long way home through Ontario’s largest and best-known Provincial Park, Algonquin Park. We had asked some of the local residents what our chances were like if we wanted to do some moose-watching and they assured us that our chances were good…Especially good for some reason at approximately 4:00 in the afternoon. Heeding the advice of the local residents we made our way to moose country. We stopped many times along the way in shear excitement to view broken tree branches in the lake forming the shape of moose antlers and the rustling wind in the trees that was no doubt a Black Bear readying to launch from the bushes. We did, however spot this real life creature on our journey.

A massive snapping turtle nesting on the side of the road. We kept our distance so we would not disturb her. Dave grabbed this shot with the telephoto lens, she was enormous…and, she actually looks like she might be smiling at us.

We’re back to work now with wedding season full steam ahead. We have many more wedding posts on the way so stay tuned for our latest couple John and Jung.