Carnival Nationz Launch Party & Fashion Show

We just got back from doing one of the most fun and exciting shoots we’ve ever had…The Carnival Nationz Launch Party/Fashion Show to kick off this years festivities! Check out our pics on the web site !!! This was way more incredible then we could have ever expected and an absolute overload for the senses.

Dave and I were on opposite sides of the stage shooting the Fashion Show and couldn’t resist boogie-ing a little to the beats in between shots lol!!

Photos by Charlotte Leonard

Photo by Dave Biesse

Photo by Charlotte Leonard

Look carefully… Dave grabbed this awesome shots of the models in the reflection in the window- super cool!

We had so much fun I feel guilty calling this work, everyone was so friendly it was really more like a party. I really can’t say enough about the costumes you’ll love checking out the photos… I totally wish I could just try one on they’re soooo awesome!

Our friend Natasha was a model in the show on the “Green Team” she’s the one in the gigantic green wings. With a costume like that you’d think that they would have trouble with the weight, but Natasha says the costumes are literally light as a feather 🙂 We met some great people running the event and did we mention beautiful models??!!

The models for the Fashion Show were absolutely stunning and so exotic, with gorgeous subjects like these Dave and I had photo ops everywhere we turned! Stay tuned for more posts and pics as Caribana comes to town. Don’t forget August 2 is the big day so come party with us like your in the islands! Here are some of our favourites… Enjoy.