Real Estate Portraits

One lazy afternoon in Southampton, Charlotte and I were contemplating whether we should stroll in to Arman’s Cafe in town for a delicious dessert, hit the beach or chill in front of the Hi Def watching the Discovery Channel. Oh the choices! We struggled for a bit but considering we were just at Arman’s for breakfast we thought it might be wise to take in some Hi Def nature. As we flexed our relaxation muscles we heard a familiar voice…"Helloooo, any one home?" Yes it was Charlotte’s Dad, home for lunch. I asked Larry how work was going and he said this time of year is great for real estate in this beautiful little beach town. It’s so funny, you drive all over town and you see his name every where you turn!!

Charlotte had thought that it might be nice to update Larry’s photo a little to portray his modern image. Charlotte’s Dad was game so I grabbed the 85 mm f1.2 lens as Charlotte chose a few suit jackets for Larry. I’ve gotta say, really love this lens, it’s so perfect for portraits and head shots, it’s really a must for any pro.

It turns out that Larry is a natural model…who knew…and we got the shots we needed in about 10 minutes. We updated his photo on his site for him right away and after lunch Larry headed back to the office. It wasn’t long after that we were getting calls for more shoots 🙂 The girls in the office wanted theirs done too! Charlotte and I were happy to oblige and made appointments with Christy Sylver and Cara Turcotte. Along with Larry, these two ladies have taken the Southampton Real Estate industry by storm.

I’ve worked along side Realtor’s for many years and actually started my career working for a Real Estate magazine as Art Director. This allowed me to shoot over 200 Realtor head shots! I think I’ve developed a eye for this sorta thing by now and really love the reaction I get when the client sees the end result! In Real Estate your image is everything and if your photo is out of date it just doesn’t look the professional. I’m really glad we had the chance to photograph the three of them. They have great personality and they were a real pleasure to work with! Thanks again guys and see you at the beach!

We love doing corporate photography as well so if you’re a Realtor in the Toronto area contact us if you’d like a shoot!!