Another Fun Photography Workshop

I got a call from Tif on Tuesday asking us to cover a class for a workshop they run at Mooredale (in Rosedale, Toronto). Since we love teaching our own Photography Workshops , of course we were happy to help out. We had a great time with the class and it was a lot of fun teaching the ladies some lighting, exposure and posing tricks.

Teaching the class prompted me to share some of the very basics of photography with you that a couple of ladies seemed to really appreciate.

Firstly, understanding what the variable’s are which you control with your camera to create an exposure…

These are:

  1. Aperture (the width of the diaphragm inside the lens – see diagram of f1 and f22 to the right)
  2. Shutter Speed (the length that the camera is open to allow light to hit the sensor or film
  3. ISO / ASA (the sensitivity of the sensor or film to light)
It becomes easier to understand these three elements when you realize they’re measured in "stops" – a unit of measure which means you can increase or decrease any of them by a stop and adjust another of the elements in the opposite direction and still get a correctly exposed image.
Once you understand how easy it is, you can set you camera on your favourite aperture (let’s say f2.8 for example) and let the shutter speed adjust according to what the camera recommends. I use this method when shooting subjects which have constantly changing lighting so I can work fast. Then it’s just a matter of using the exposure compensation built right into your camera (Should be marked as "AV +/-") and adjusting the image to either be brighter or darker without having to think too much with me left brain.
This technique of shooting definitely helps us both to stay in the creative zone (right brain) when we are shooting, and let the camera do what it does best.
For a more in depth learning, please sign up to attend on of our upcoming workshops .