Fritty and the Beach

Ahhh the life of a dog, wake up, scratch, eat, go for a walk, play fetch, go for a walk, sleep, repeat…Yes it’s true even dogs need a vacation sometime. And when our dog Fritty does it he does it right, he hits the beaches of Southampton! With wedding photography season well on the way we thought it might be nice to take a little get away before it all begins. There are so many awesome places in Canada to take a vacation, but we always seem to be drawn back to my parents place by the beach…gotta love it 🙂 When we get there we usually adopt Fritty’s daily routine as well and eat twice as much as we usually do. Fritty and I try to keep all the eating under control with our morning runs on the beach. His legs may only be 3 inches high, but this wiener dog can book it something fierce!! He is always leaving me in the dust but that’s ok, we love enjoying the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the sun on our backs and the feeling of the sand under our feet.

Dachshund Wiener Dog On The Beach With a Stick

Dachshund Diggin In the Sand

Dave loves the beach just as much as Fritzi and I do so we decided to all head out for an afternoon stroll together. Dave has this game he plays with Fritty, through the stick and… hide…No…no it’s waaay less complicated then it sounds but they both love it. So on one of these many adventures they have together Fritzi decided to out smart Dave and give him a taste of his own medicine… he ran for it with his new found stick. We later found Fritty in a “cave” not too far away with his stick in tow and he wasn’t willing to let go of it any time soon! Check out little Fritty… he has a serious addiction to fetching sticks…I think we may need an intervention.

Little Dachshund Sausage Dog With a Stick in his cave