Heather & Jamey’s Engagement Session

Let us introduce you to a totally sweet, totally cool, totally awesome couple…Heather and Jamey! Dave and I are so excited to be shooting Heather and Jamey’s wedding this July. Heather is such a cool girl with a great personality, us girls got along so well right away. Jamey is awesome too and has a great sense of humour, which rocks because Dave and I love to joke around and make our clients laugh.

We met up with the couple outside of the venue for their wedding and chatted about locations for shoots. Dave and I had already scoped out a few hot spots before the couple arrived but we wanted to see if they had any particular ideas in mind. They’re getting married at The Scottish Rite in Hamilton, which is great because there is such a great mix in the way of old world architecture and cool, trendy modern buildings in that area for us to choose from.

This old abandoned building was one of the hot spots on our list. It was this absolutely stunning reddish-orange brick warehouse we found on some lonely side street. Sadly, It will be gone soon for a condo development but for now we thought it was a beautiful backdrop for our engagement shoot.

I love this shot I got below of the two of them. The richness of the bricks just pops off the page and Heather’s hair just looks soooo beautiful with the colours of the bricks.

Heather and Jamey have been in love for 6 years now and this July they will vow the deep love that has blossomed over their years together. You can tell they really are best friends and have a sweet love for each other.

I had to sneak this one in! I shot this one of Dave when he was shooting with the Telephoto Lens. He looks so cute, doesn’t he!

So much thanks goes out to Heather and Jamey, we had a great time doing your engagement shoot! We also have so many more amazing locations we can’t wait to choose from for your wedding day. Stay tuned for more photos of Heather and Jamey after the wedding!