An Hour with The Strombo

What is The Hour you say? Who is George Stroumboulopoulos?? Only the coolest Talk Show Host known to the Canadian Television Industry. I know the last name may be a mouth full to most, but Dave, myself and many others affectionately refer to him as STROMBO. He may have a baby face but don’t let that fool ya, George Stroumboulopoulos has worked in TV Land for a while. Starting out his career at MuchMusic as producer and host of The Punk Show, host of The NewMusic, LOUD, MuchNews and recently “The Strombo Show” on 102.1 The Edge.

We have to say we are giant fans of his show “The Hour” and watch religiously. Since Dave and I are from Toronto and just a stones throw from the CBC building where the show tapes, we feel sooo lucky to be so geographically close to Strombo… oops The CBC… that we can just mosie on over for a visit whenever we feel like it. We think The Hour is wonderfully entertaining and brings a smorgosbord of variety to the table ie… humour, personality, celebrities and 2 minute updates on current worldly events (which is good for those of us who have trouble focusing our attention long enough for the 11 o’clock news)…Anyway, as predicted 🙂 Dave and I had a killer time on set of his show and we’re introduced to some hilarious yet enlightening guests such as Ted Danson (Sam from Cheers) and Doris Roberts (the Mom from Everybody Loves Raymond). With so many highlights to our day it’s difficult to choose.

I know a serious high point for me was when Dave was so awesome at Celebrity Jeopardy that he won himself a Strombo shirt…Oh and when I won the George Stroumboulopoulos travel mug for knowing that Annie Leibovitz is a Photographer for Vanity Fair, that was cool… And talk about a high quality travel mug. It doesn’t leak like regular Non-Strombo travel mugs do…oh no… It’s safe to say that Dave and I were both stoked with our CBC prizes (I still can’t get Dave out of his “Lucky” Strombo shirt. See photo…lol)