A “Daytime” in the life…

We started our morning off right with a highly nutritious Breakfast of Bacon & Eggs at a local greasy spoon. We meet up with some photographers Tif, Alex and Jaymz to chat about whats happening in the world of photography, catch up and bounce ideas of each other. It’s great hearing what everyone’s up to these days and finding an excuse to eat Bacon!!! I know this isn’t the best shot of us, but hey… Sorry guys! haha.

After Breakfast we headed out to the live taping of “daytime”…I was running around (while Dave sat in the audience…supervising lol) shooting the show, guests, crew and the rockin’ audience. We met some awesome people on the show like the Hosts of daytime Kim McCleary and Gurdeep Ahluwalia and Producer Marissa Corrigan. Oh, and we can’t forget Michael Craig of Barefoot Wines had a pretty awesome set up too…(In case you’re wondering Michael, yes, we will shoot for wine. haha)

Since we started our day at the ungodly hour of 7am we ran to Starbucks and downed 2 Grande Lattes, picked up Fritzi the weiner dog and headed out to Sutton, Ontario. We were on the way to meet Jen and Brent our super sweet couple that we’re shooting this Summer. On the way we took a detour and nature hike with little Fritty (as Dave calls him) He’s sooo happy that Winter is over, his little legs are so short he can’t do much in the snow. We got so many shots of all of the beautiful budding plants and flowers, but my faves by far were the gorgeous sprouting Fiddle Heads.

Dachshund running top speed like in budah texas!

While hiking in the forest Fritzi discovered a little pond and dove straight in. He learned how to swim last Summer he’s really become a little water rat!! We had to bribe him with Hagen Daas to get him out of the water.

Fritzi the Wiener dog splashes through the marsh

We met Jen and Brent at their beautiful little stone chapel by the lake. I was blown away by it’s charm and the location on the water is so amazing. Needless to say we were totally stoked!! We caught this little “church mouse” peaking at us so I had to snap a shot! We headed down the little winding road led us to “The Briars” a gorgeous country club with tons of old world charm and lots of beautiful shooting ops for the big day!!! Look at these two… Jen and Brent are so cute together, we can’t wait to capture their love for each other on June 28th.

We finally rolled into Toronto/home at 10pm. This is an interpretation of how it looked to us after our crazy day!!!