The Making Of Marathon Man’s Bus Image

Hi guys,

I’ve had a few blog readers already asking how I managed to produce the bus image of Marathon Man, so I thought I’d show you the three images I used to produce it. It was one serendipitous timing that the bus full of kids was parked right there by the CN tower, because Trent (aka Marathon Man) had wanted to try the idea. We set him up holding my camera bag (so there would be shadows on his hands and he’d get a realistic pose).

I shot him from a low point of view with a 16mm lens, making sure there was enough room to put a bus in the image. I exposed so the sky would be white for easy dropping in of the bus and new sky. I then shot the bus lying on the road – the kids of course were screaming because they wanted Marathon Man’s attention! Finally I dropped in the image from my trip to Australia… very ominous!

Making a 3 part photoshop montage