The Exciting Adventures of Marathon Man

Trent Morrow is a 34 year old from Australia’s beachside suburb of Bondi Beach. He looks like a regular guy, but he has a secret identity…Marathon Man! Marathon Man has many super powers, one of which is the ability to face the most harsh extremes on the planet the Sahara Desert. The Marathon des Sables is a 243km event held over 6 days through the Sahara in temperatures up to 50 degrees and is considered as the "toughest footrace on earth". These unbearable extremes are no match for Marathon Man who also uses his super powers fund raising to rescue children in Africa suffering from the devastating disease known as ‘Noma’. We meet up with Marathon Man as he was saving a falling school bus full of children in Toronto. Luckily Dave had his camera so we could capture this courageous real life super hero in action!! If you’d like to help Trent support his noble cause the Facing Africa Charity you can be hero too!

Marathon Man Catches A School bus full of screaming kids! haha

Extra!! Extra!! Marathon Man saves the day as a school bus of children falls from the sky!

Marathon Man stand overlooking the Toronto skyline from the docklands

This hero is changing the lives of children one marathon at a time…

Marathon Man Towers next to the CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario