Dave + Ebony’s Wedding in Australia

Dave & Ebony’s wedding on Saturday was beautiful. The forecast was for 38 degrees, which is always a bit scary when you’re getting married in a stone church during an Australian Summer… but a cool change hit during the ceremony, and by 3pm the temperature was reasonable and there was a gentle breeze blowing.

My friendship with both Dave and Ebony goes back many years… our dad’s all lived on campus when they were at university… so we literally knew each other from birth. As you can imagine, it was a real treat to be there capturing their love on film as they committed their lives to each other.

Dave spent several years in London, where he and I caught up during my 3 visits there… Each time we’d talk about how he was missing Ebony and looking forward to being near her to see if things would progress to a new level. So arriving in Adelaide and seeing them so in love was great.

Enjoy the slideshow.