Happy New Year from Down Under!

Happy New Year!!!

I writing from Australia, where I’ve flown to photograph the wedding of great friends of mine – David and Ebony.

Their wedding is fast approaching, so today we took a drive up to check out their venues and do an engagement shoot at the same time.

This week has been scorching hot, with yesterday being the hottest New Years Eve in over 100 years… a whopping 44 degrees! That’s 111 Fahrenheit to our American friends.

Dave & Ebony are a very cool, very much in love couple and it was a real pleasure to be out shooting with them today. It’s got me even more pumped about this Saturday! Stay tuned for those early next week : )

Music: “I’ve Just Seen A Face” by the Beatles, performed by Jim Sturgess (from Across the Universe)… awesome film by the way!