Alex & Carmen’s Wedding : 070707

Alex & Carmen were married on the 7th of the 7th of 2007… What a cool date eh?! It was a perfect day weather wise – light breezes and warm sun through gentle cloud formations. Both Carmen and Alex looked fantastic and the day went without a single hitch.

Something unique what Alex and Carmen did for their wedding was make it a green event – They did this using something called Bullfrog Power. You may have heard of this – it’s where you calculate the amount of energy used to power an event, and pay to put that amount of green energy back onto the grid.

Alex holds a strong conviction for reversing the damage we’ve caused to our environment. I also have a desire to reduce our environmental impact in my personal and business life. If you’d like to learn how to make your wedding green, check out the Bullfrog site and try this wedding emissions calculator.

Congratulations on a wonderful day Alex & Carmen.

Updated : I just received a thank you from Carmen which I’d like to share with you :

Hi Dave,

I apologize it has taken me a few weeks to send this email; I’ve been waiting until I had the proper amount of time to sit down and compose something that accurately captured how overwhelmed Alex and I are with our wedding photo’s. Thank you just isn’t enough for so elegantly capturing every single moment and emotion of our wedding day. I’ve shared the photos with virtually everyone I know and have had so many people tell me that although they weren’t at the wedding they could “feel” the emotion of the day in the pictures. Those people that were with us have said that they re-lived the excitement and joy of the occasion all over again. That experience was exactly what we wanted from our wedding photography. The photos are brilliant, we are thrilled… personally and professionally we want to thank you for being a part of our wedding; it was a pleasure to have you with us on our big day.