Ohhhhh Canadaaaaaa!!!!!

Even though Canada is my adopted country, I always feel rather patriotic when Canada Day comes around. Tonight I was down in Port Credit for the Jazz festival and fireworks to celebrate this great country. We certainly have a lot to be very proud of as a nation and it’s always nice to be out simply celebrating community and freedom.

During the course of the evening, we painted each others faces with variations of the Canada flag.. here are a few shots 🙂

However, the main reason for this post was to thanks those people who shared their favourite Canada Flag photos with me. I received a lot of entries, and while I’d like to post more, I decided to just post my top 3 choices… this first one’s my favourite. It was a submitted by Kim Macdonald (as is the second)

This third one deserves a big thumbs up for the effort involved – great shot Michael.

This is a shot I grabbed of Julie’s back while on a walk recently.

That’s it for today guys!