Having Fun With Photography

Last Sunday, I walked out along the rock wall in Port Credit with a couple of friends. When we got out to the end, not only was the view incredible, the water just looked so tempting! I decided to throw caution to the wind and jump in…

Yes, I make silly faces when it’s cold!

Anyhow, I digress! I wanted to share a couple of fun ideas with you guys.. They’re a couple of those things that can be a lot of fun to try out with friends or family.

Firstly, Forced Perspective.

If you’ve watched the special features from “Lord of The Rings”, you may recognize the term – it’s basically using perspective to cheat how two objects translate to a 2D image. Check out this fun shot I did with friends recently…

Yup, that’s me on the left. We did a variety of hilarious shots, and needless to say, my friends all had a good laugh at them. I’m sure you can see how it’s done.. basically by standing further from the camera and lining up the hands to make further away object appear to relate to the closer object.

You can try this trick in all sorts of ways… why not give it a shot next time you’re near the CN tower.. have a friend lean on it, or better yet, climb it like King Kong!

Keep in mind that both objects should be in the same lighting – eg. both in full sunlight or both indoors. The other thing to avoid is having shadows present… always gives away the game! The ideal conditions are overcast days ; )

And for my second trick, I give you Strong Wind! haha. Not that type of breeze!

Yup. That’s me last Sunday at the end of the rock wall… Nothing too incredible here, but a great optical illustion if done well. Check out this shot posted a few months back, worthy of being pulled from the archives.

You can see the look of fear in my eyes coz I wondered if I’d jumped a little too high!

That’s it for now guys… have a great weekend.